LASI Local – NYC


On Monday June 27, attendees at the LASI Local – NYC, generously hosted by the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development and NYU IT, were treated to a smorgasbord of topics at the intersection of data visualization and education. After opening remarks by Ryan Baker from U Penn on the dangers of interpreting cause and effect in educational data, four separate data visualization and education workshops kicked off:

  • Tableau Dashboards for Education with Andrew Battista
  • Using CartoDB and GIS Data in the Classroom with Holly Orr
  • Domain Modelling using Learning Curve Analysis with Ilya Goldin
  • Dive into D3.js using Educational Data with Jessica Cambry

After the workshops concluded our intrepid data visualizers headed to a highly engaging and informative panel discussion on using data visualization in education. In keeping with the theme the panelists showed off various cutting edge visualization techniques and products. Dona Wong demonstrated the Federal Reserve of New York’s data visualization portal for educating the public on economic policy, Alejandro Velasco from NYU’s Gallatin School discussed how his students have been using GIS data to map political street art, Daniel Seaton from Harvard’s VPAL Research Initiative presented work on visualizing patterns in MOOC data, Yining Shi from NYU’s ITP Program demonstrated a visual programming language that she is developing and Ken Perlin, director of NYU’s Games for Learning Institute, talked about the promise of Virtual Reality for communicating complex concepts about data.

Overall a great day of learning about and with educational data!

Slides for the panel session can be found here.